What The Santarelli Exchange Can do For You!

The Santarelli Exchange 8 Step Approach To Trading Options Successfully & Profitably

The Santarelli Exchange 8 Step Approach To Trading Options Successfully & Profitably

The Santarelli Exchange prides itself on helping traders understand how to trade options successfully and profitably. Through a varied set of avenues, we help our members see that the best way to take full advantage of our service is to have a paper trading account, and follow the trades of Dave Santarelli. Once you’re ready and comfortable, You’re ready to start actively trading.

What Members Should Know About Trading Options

What Members Should Know About Trading Options

We see far too many people begin trading without full comprehension of the proper steps and the most effective ways to do so. Trading blindly and making trades just for the sake of making trades is like walking up to a roulette table blindfolded and betting the house on black. Sure, you could get lucky – but like any successful business, there must be strategy. With The Santarelli Exchange, you will learn how to trade the right way.


I would like to give a shameless plug for Dave Santarelli’s paid “Trading Room”… Whether you have experience, such as myself, or if you are a newbie… It is well worth the premium. Thanks for the earnings plays assistance, Dave!

Jason B.

It’s been a month when I joined Dave’s paid group, and I think it’s really worth it. It helps when Dave and Anthony posts their ideas and trades in detail because it helps me understand more. More important, most of the trades in the group for this month are winners and have great returns. If you follow, their trades will most likely pay for the subscription as well. So learning how pros do their trades, and earning back the subscription, I think it’s really worth it.

Deus C.

I joined The Santarelli Exchange because of the inviting atmosphere. Dave has excellent traders who are patient and encouraging.

I have learned how to get in and out trades at the right time which has improved my success and earnings. Dave provides an educational environment filled with guidance and one on one training.

The interactive chatroom makes trading both fun and informative while in a supportive environment. It has helped me stay focused in these high volatile markets which can make trading difficult. Joining Dave’s Trading Team was one of the best occupational decisions I have ever made.


I am a new trader who lacked the discipline and direction to excel. I found the help, guidance and leadership that I needed to not only read charts but also when I should be entering/exiting trades.

Dave and the other members at the The Santarelli Exchange have helped me grow and become more confident as a trader. After a few days in the chat rooms I felt as if I was part of team.

This is a perfect group for traders who may need a little mentoring or tips on what stock they should be trading. I have been able to consistently cover my subscription fee with just one trade a month.

This was money well spent.

Maria F

Already made back the $200 subscription and much more on the bery first day. Way to go Dave Santarelli!

Rajat J.

Huge shout out to Dave Santarelli, I joined the paid group because, frankly, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m trying to learn options and have a long way to go. I asked some questions, Dave sent me a PM, then we ended up talking on the phone. I learned more in one day than I have up until now. If you’re thinking about joining the group, I definintely recommend it. Anybody in that room who followed his moves more than made their money back today. Dave, you are my new BFF!!! lol Seriously, my husband and I thank you!!!

Lori W.

Just wanted to thank Dave Santarelli for helping me today. I had a hard time understanding the basics of calls and puts and he took time out of his day to call me and walk me through everything from start to finish. I have watched hundreds of videos and I learned more from Dave in 10 minutes than I learned watching videos. Thanks so much Dave!

James C.

One month has gone being in the paid grou. I was new to options but have learnt heaps from the paid group. Dave and Anthony both scream out all trades and plays. They also provide market research and analysis in detail! Even though there is about 100 people in the paid group, it feels like a personal service. He and Anthony are there to help. They offer their time to us all, especially me, with all my silly little questions!

Yesterday I signed up to the yearly sub, $1,200 for the year…. That for me, equals AUD $1,800!

George I.