Here is how the markets look as far as swing trades go on DIA ( DOW ETF)

Here is a look at the DIA 6 month chart WITH our Trade Cycles outlined in our “Trade Plan”

We are currently in BREAKOUT/MOMENTUM and climbing after the longest shutdown in govt history finally comes to an end!

So as far as SWING TRADES go, I will likely wait until the afternoon on Monday before making any swing trades. I will keep you updated on that.

As far as DAY TRADES go, I am in the TRADE ROOM daily, I have even just started doing LIVE STREAMING TRADING VIDEOS which I am still learning a bit, and then plan on doing live daily trading videos for those interested in that. But as far as DAY TRADES go, if I see some good setups or news events we can trade off on Monday, I will alert it in the trade room and possibly try another live day trading video!

( Please work with me, we are trying to add new features in this section to give updates to all members, including those who can not be with us during the live trade room, they will be able to see recaps of it and other news in this section! AND, if there is ANYTHING ANY MEMBERS WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST US TO POST ABOUT DAILY, LET ME KNOW AND I CAN POST IT IN THIS SECTION! Sorry for any confusion as we are currently building this out to better suit member needs and focus points.)

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