Tech Rallies BIG off strong Facebook Earnings today

Well, FB reported a PHENOMENAL Quarter and the stock rallied more than 11% This sparked a lot of tech charts to enter into ” BreakOut/Momentum Phase”

Here is the thing… the economy is doing great. World news, politics, and our next possible government shutdown on February 15th, that is what is holding us back. China, tariffs and the trade war is holding the markets back. So I think if they make a deal before the Feb 15th date, that would give the markets a little extra boost higher.

We had a trade on FB and it was down for some time, but, it just entered into our “BreakOut/Momentum Phase” and the chart looked great, I felt it had the bad news behind it and was going to move forward. It was a small trade. Got it on January 22nd.

The first picture is of FB now WITH our TSE Trade Plan outlying it in red and green channels. Currently FB is BREAKOUT/MOMENTUM in the chart below and following our TSE Trade Plan. * Please read what I have written in white on the chart*


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