OSTK Chart getting a POP higher today and entering into BreakOUT/Momentum with our TSE Trade Plan

Analyst Price targets are 66.50/share average with a high target of 75/share and a low target of 58/share. Shares just broke above 20/share in a sign of a reversal from the lows here. I personally believe it is a good buy at this price for a long term investment. That is my personal opinion. We picked up a trade on OSTK today for the June 21st monthly expo. Check trade feed or email for details. If you guys enjoy me making posts like this and keeping an eye on them and talking about the charts as we go along here, just feel free to comment below! Shakes spiked higher by 9% today on heavy volume

Shares of several online retail companies are trading higher after the National Retail Federation forecast 2019 retail sales growth between 3.8% and 4.4% including online retail growth, which they expect to be between 10-12%.

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