This Performance section summarizes our incredible average return per trade for every month since inception in June 2016. Further below, you will find details on each trade opened and closed during that month, including the duration of the trade and the percentage return on the trade. We don’t think you’ll find results like these anywhere. Neither do our members. Review our amazing results below and click HERE for testimonials from our members.

*This Performance page shows past results and is not an indication of the likelihood of success or returns in future trades. As with all trading, there are risks involved *

Since Inception in June of 2016 the Santarelli Exchange has averaged an incredible 57.42% return per trade on a total of 381 trades!!! The average return per trade for each month is in the box below, with further details in the Monthly Summaries further below!

November 2019

Trade Duration

October 2019

Trade Duration
FB 185.00 Strike Calls for Next weeks Oct 18th Monthly expo ahead of China Trade Deal news…. 4 day(s) 73.4% GAIN
NVDA Vertical Bull Call Spread, or can pick up some regular Calls after a few big upgrades today… Raised Price Targets to 217 to 225/share 8 day(s) 54.84% GAIN

September 2019

Trade Duration
FINAL HOOK PATTERN: ULTA holding support and on the climb… entering a call spread, also giving alternative trade for calls! 7 day(s) 48.15% GAIN
TRADE IDEA: CMG adding Carne Asada to their menu for a limited time, shares popping 1 day(s) 32.08% GAIN

July 2019

Trade Duration
New trade on MU (Micron) on the upgrade this morning for August 9th expo 3 day(s) 16.42% GAIN

June 2019

Trade Duration

May 2019

Trade Duration

April 2019

Trade Duration
Chevron (CVX) Swing Trade into Earnings Friday 4 day(s) -100% LOSS
PAYCHECK TRADE on AMZN 2 day(s) -26.09% LOSS
PAYCHECK TRADE: On AMZN Call spread for this weeks expo, also some other trade ideas… 2 day(s) 69.23% GAIN
Bank of America (BAC) – Calls for the April 12th, 2019 expiration 9 day(s) 19.35% GAIN
FB calls or spread for April 18th Expo UPDATE: LOCKING IN PROFITS ACROSS THE BOARD! 1 day(s) 69.9% GAIN
Getting trades ready in pre market… GOOGL and AMZN call spread as a paycheck trade for the week upon opening bell 2 day(s) 84% GAIN

March 2019

Trade Duration
AMZN Call Spread for next weeks expo (PAYCHECK TRADE) Update: LOCKING IN GAINS! 4 day(s) 83.33% GAIN
AAPL calls ahead of “special event” on March 25th UPDATE: Closed for nice gains, can hold till end of week IMO… 7 day(s) 98.91% GAIN
GOOGL has been on fire and climbing, starting a small swing trade 10 day(s) 113.68% GAIN

February 2019

Trade Duration
Z call spread for next weeks expo 3 day(s) 54.55% GAIN
GOOGL Trade, doing a Vertical Call Spread for this weeks expo 2 day(s) 20% GAIN
SWING TRADE on OSTK- heavy volume and reversal from lows, has just entered into BREAKOUT/MOMENTUM 14 day(s) 12.71% GAIN

January 2019

Trade Duration
AAPL swing trade – Beginning of Breakout/Momentum with Trade Plan ( Picture shown below) UPDATE: CLOSED for 27.66% GAIN 4 day(s) 27.66% GAIN
AAPL CALLS for January 25th expiration …UPDATE… closed at 3.70 2 day(s) 64.44% GAIN
FB SWING TRADE. Buying the 143.00 strike calls @ 4.17 for January 25th expo UPDATE… 100%+ GAINS 6 day(s) 101.44% GAIN
AMZN swing trade for January 18th 2019 expo 12 day(s) 163.29% GAIN

December 2018

Trade Duration
DIA 225 strike PUT @ 3.85 UPDATE: Closing for 81.82% gain BUT feel you could hold longer as market is in breakdown 3 day(s) 81.82% GAIN