This Performance section summarizes our incredible average return per trade for every month since inception in June 2016. Further below, you will find details on each trade opened and closed during that month, including the duration of the trade and the percentage return on the trade. We don’t think you’ll find results like these anywhere. Neither do our members. Review our amazing results below and click HERE for testimonials from our members.

*This Performance page shows past results and is not an indication of the likelihood of success or returns in future trades. As with all trading, there are risks involved *

Since Inception in June of 2016 the Santarelli Exchange has averaged an incredible 56.53% return per trade on a total of 354 trades!!! The average return per trade for each month is in the box below, with further details in the Monthly Summaries further below!

October 2018

Trade Duration
HD calls on possible hook pattern chart setup AND Hurricane Michael as catalyst 2 day(s) 28% GAIN

September 2018

Trade Duration
NEW TRADE: PBR chart looks GREAT! Did a small spread on this…. breakout chart UPDATE: TRADE CLOSED 100%+ GAINS! 11 day(s) 104.17% GAIN
GOOGL breakout of channel I have been going over, CONFIRMED MOVE! BREAKOUT/MOMENTUM TRADE 7 day(s) -45% LOSS
DIS calls for Oct 5th expo on breakout of SMA and resistance… CLOSING TRADE! 0 day(s) 56.12% GAIN
TREND TRADE on CVX for Nov 16th 120.00 strike calls 9 day(s) 48.39% GAIN
TRADE IDEA: BA 365 strike calls for this weeks expo @ 3.80 1 day(s) 31.58% GAIN
BP calls for October 19th monthly expo going into hurricane season and fall/winter should cause higher demand 12 day(s) 101.61% GAIN
Trend reversal on RH, doing the 126/127 or 127/128 vertical call spread for sept 21 expo (or this week***) 5 day(s) 76.36% GAIN

August 2018

Trade Duration
Just picked up some FB 182.50 strike calls for 2.03 as swing trade in addition to my 177.50/180 paycheck trade 2 day(s) -85.71% LOSS
HOOK PATTERN Call spread on Z for aug 17th expo…. max gain of 72% with Z above 51 by aug 17th 2 day(s) -53.45% LOSS
CRM call spread for aug monthly expo 1 week before it reports Q2 earnings 9 day(s) 82% GAIN
FB fully ITM call spread for Aug 17th monthly expo 4 day(s) 40.3% GAIN
AMZN calls on breakout for aug 17th expo or call spread for next weeks expo 6 day(s) 86.15% GAIN

July 2018

Trade Duration
BKNG calls for a quick swing trade as stock bounces off support and climbing above SMA’s 2 day(s) 126.99% GAIN

June 2018

Trade Duration
FB calls for July 6th expo 8 day(s) 114.71% GAIN
GOOGL calls, looking for a quick 120%+ profit with GOOGL hitting 1200/share 2 day(s) 57.89% GAIN
DIA calls for this weeks monthly expo ahead of large market driven news week 2 day(s) -50% LOSS

May 2018

Trade Duration
SPY puts for Friday June 1st expo 1 day(s) -77.71% LOSS
PYPL Call spread on an upgrade for June 15th monthly expo MAX net gain of 61.29% 18 day(s) 58.06% GAIN
PAYCHECK TRADE on MYL for June 15th expo 26 day(s) 50% GAIN
WEEKLY PAYCHECK TRADE/MOMENTUM Trade on AMZN for May18th expo 6 day(s) -65.19% LOSS
PAYCHECK TRADE ON GOOGL for this week 2 day(s) 122.73% GAIN
MOMENTUM TRADE on FB regular calls for weekly or monthly expo! CLOSING HALF 3 day(s) 132.88% GAIN
HOOK PATTERN/PAYCHECK TRADE on MMM call spread for May 18th monthly expo 6 day(s) 75.57% GAIN

April 2018

Trade Duration
New Momentum Trade on QQQ doing the call spread for next weeks expo max gain of 150% 8 day(s) 127.27% GAIN
FB in the money call spread for this weeks expo 1 day(s) 21.21% GAIN
New Overnight Momentum Trade for AMZN expo 4/20/18 1 day(s) -50% LOSS
New Momentum Trade on AMZN expo 4/20/18 HIGHER RISK, using 20% profits from weekly paycheck trade to fuel this trade CLOSING AT 2.40 2 day(s) 152.63% GAIN
BABA piggyback trade for 4/27 expo CLOSING HALF TRADE, locking in some profits 2 day(s) 31.86% GAIN
GOOGL calls this week or next weeks expo CLOSING FOR NICE GAINS 2 day(s) 47.62% GAIN
WEEKLY PAYCHECK TRADE on GOOGL for April 20th monthly expo CLOSING TRADE HUGE GAIN 2 day(s) 95.83% GAIN
WEEKLY PAYCHECK TRADE on MSFT april 20th monthly expo 2 day(s) 113.64% GAIN
New Momentum trade on FB call debit spread expo 4-20-18 LCOSING TRADE FOR SMALL PROFIT 8 day(s) 19.23% GAIN
New Hedge trade on DIA puts expo 4/13/18 the 235 put 3 day(s) -82.05% LOSS

March 2018

Trade Duration
New Momentum Trade on GOOGL for expo 4-6-18 6 day(s) -79.17% LOSS
New Momentum Trade on DIA Call Debit Spread for 4-6-18 expo 6 day(s) -69.23% LOSS
New Break Out Momentum Trade on WMT expo 4-6-18 8 day(s) -91.3% LOSS
Taking advantage of a dropping market with some puts on DIA UPDATE: closing last half at 5.40 for a 257.14% gain 1 day(s) 157.14% GAIN
Correction …New Bearish Momentum Trade on DIA Expo 3/29/18 5 day(s) -37.5% LOSS
New Bearish Momentum Trade on 162 QQQ puts expo 3/29/18 3 day(s) -13.04% LOSS
New Bearish Momentum Trade on QQQ expo 3/29/18 7 day(s) 160.53% GAIN
NEW Bearish Momentum Trade on GOOGL buying 1090 puts fro 3/23 expo. 2 day(s) -43.33% LOSS
GOOGL calls 1 day(s) -50% LOSS
BREAKOUT TRADE on MSFT with target of 100/share 4 day(s) -49.58% LOSS
Weekly Paycheck Trade on EXPE 111/112 call debit for 3/9/18 expo 1 day(s) -50% LOSS
FB calls for next weeks expo 6 day(s) -43.04% LOSS
New Breakout Momentum Trade on BABA calls expo 3-9-18 2 day(s) -45.88% LOSS
WEEKLY PAYCHECK TRADE on GOOGL for next weeks march 16th MONTHLY EXPO 9 day(s) 63.33% GAIN
Momentum Trade on AMZN for expo 3-16-18 9 day(s) 75% GAIN
DIA puts with increased market volatility and choppiness and trading below key support and SMA levels 1 day(s) 215.41% GAIN

February 2018

Trade Duration
BREAKOUT TRADE on AMZN for this weeks expo 3 day(s) -50% LOSS
WEEKLY PAYCHECK TRADE on XOM call spread (can do calls with this as alternative) 2 day(s) -48.15% LOSS
GOOGL calls for march 16th expo 7 day(s) -50% LOSS
AMZN calls or call spread for next weeks expo.. CLOSING for SMALL GAIN… not taking chance into tomorrows expo, better to play it safe 8 day(s) 23.08% GAIN
AMZN SPREAD for march 16th expo and some other expos 16 day(s) 113.64% GAIN
TRADE IDEA on GOOGL spread for this weeks expo 3 day(s) 131.58% GAIN
BREAKOUT trade on AMAT after great earnings, spread or calls for march 2nd CLOSED for 137.04% GAIN 7 day(s) 137.04% GAIN
HIGHER RISK TRADE on CAT for this weeks expo…. NICE GAINS… LOCKING IN PROFITS NOW 1 day(s) 89.47% GAIN
CAT for the trade off Trumps 4 TRILLION DOLLAR Infrastructure plan 15 day(s) 64.29% GAIN
DIA CALLS FOR THE REBOUND this weeks monthly expo week 3 day(s) 86.67% GAIN
DIA put spread for tomorrow SMALL TRADE with potential 900% return 1 day(s) 177.78% GAIN
STARTING a position in AMZN call spread for next weeks expo… will add 9 day(s) 88.46% GAIN
Adding to DIA puts with the 248 strike put for this week 4 day(s) 290.91% GAIN
Closed out 2-8 GOOGL CALLS ON REBOUND… correction on expo date… had todays is this weeks expo on 9th 3 day(s) -98% LOSS
New Momentum Short Trade on DIA put expo 2-16-18 7 day(s) 683.33% GAIN

January 2018

Trade Duration
MOMENTUM TRADE/EARNINGS TRADE on MSFT…. Listen carefully what I am doing… 4 day(s) 10.55% GAIN
WEEKLY PAYCHECK TRADE on AIG for next weeks expo 17555 day(s) -42.31% LOSS
New Momentum Breakout Trade on GOOGL calls expo 1/26/18 1 day(s) 122.22% GAIN
CLOSED OUT 2nd HALF of TRADE !!! FB pre earnings trade to ride possible run higher ahead of earnings..UPDATE, LOCKING IN HALF PROFITS 12 day(s) 69.05% GAIN
PAYCHECK TRADE on FB for next weeks expo jan 26th expo 6 day(s) 66% GAIN
MOMENTUM TRADE, AMAT upgraded and doing well…UPDATE 7 day(s) -41.18% LOSS
AMZN Momentum trade for next weeks expo 5 day(s) 60% GAIN
New Momentum Trade on NFLX expo 1/19/18 5 day(s) 29.63% GAIN
WEEKLY PAYCHECK TRADE ON GE for next weeks monthly expo! 8 day(s) -100% LOSS
AMAT trade on upgrade and has been on watchlist, MOMENTUM TRADE 1 day(s) -48.28% LOSS
BREAKOUT TRADE ON MSFT Jan 19th monthly expo CALLS 5 day(s) 56.25% GAIN
Momentum Trade on Banks Buying XLF 29 calls expo 1/19/18 1 day(s) -53.33% LOSS
New Momentum Trade on XOM for Jan 12th expo. 86 calls. 6 day(s) 57.53% GAIN
NEW Momentum hook pattern trade on ISRG for Jan 19th monthly expo 14 day(s) 85.07% GAIN

December 2017

Trade Duration
Trade Closed in full ! …..MOMENTUM TRADE on FB, buying REGULAR CALLS for feb expo 37 day(s) 102.27% GAIN
SPEC TRADE on AMZN for next weeks expo 7 day(s) 75% GAIN
“WEEKLY PAYCHECK TRADE” On BAC for Dec 29th expo. 7 day(s) 23.08% GAIN
New Momentum Trade on FB this weeks Expo 12/22/17 2 day(s) -56.52% LOSS
New Weekly Paycheck Trade PCLN Momentum Spread Trade Expo 12/22 3 day(s) -80% LOSS
“WEEKLY PAYCHECK TRADE” on AMZN ITM spread for next weeks monthly expo 6 day(s) 64.29% GAIN
New Seasonal Momentum Trade on MCD Expo 12-22-17 13 day(s) 36.9% GAIN

November 2017

Trade Duration
New Momentum trade on AMZN expo 12-01-17 2 day(s) -50% LOSS
New Momentum Trade on WMT expo 12-1-17 expo 7 day(s) 88.46% GAIN
MOMENTUM TRADE ON FB….. doing a call spread for the dec 8th expo. 5 day(s) -50.43% LOSS
New Momentum Trade on AMZN for expo 12-1-17 5 day(s) -50% LOSS
BREAKOUT TRADE on BIDU going with call spread for next weeks expo 6 day(s) -69.51% LOSS
HIGH RISK Earnings Trade on CRM expo 11-24-17 1 day(s) -100% LOSS
AMZN TRADE FOR BLACK FRIDAY…. already have a weekly paycheck trade or this would be it. 3 day(s) 64.47% GAIN